You may or may not be aware that POTUS is going to be visiting our fine city. This means that Presidential TFR will be in place. Starting today and ending on Friday.

This means that the field will be closed to flying for the duration of the TFRs.

Below is a list of TFRs and their effective times. Remember that if your look at the FAA’s TFR posts, all times and dates given for the TFRs are in Zulu time and will have to be converted to PST. the time below are already converted for you.

Our agreement with the Army corps and our LOA with the FAA requires that we respect these restrictions or risk revocation of our agreement. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you would like to examine the TFRs in a graphical format please visit

TFR FDC 2/5015, FDC 2/5016 and FDC 2/5019

Starts: Wed. June 8th @ 1pm PST

Ends: Saturday, June 11th @ 10am PST